Willowbank Elegant Art Nouveau Inspired Wedding Styled Strike

Sometimes an inspiring Session arrives in my inbox that takes my breath away by its beauty (like this one) and sometimes by its creativity (like this one); well, today’s awesome Session by Sue Gallo Designs and Nataschia Wielink overwhelmed me with both! With a historical setting, the most perfect Vintage style, lush green flowers (green is a great trend for 2016! and one of the most awesome wedding cakes I’ve ever seen is truly a strike not to be missed…..

The Inspiration for this romantic strike came from the historic Willowbank – a magnificent Greek Revival mansion located on a picturesque grassy hill overlooking the village of Queenston, Ontario, and named for the large pastures that once adorned the elegant grounds.

Before you get lost in every delicious detail of this unforgettable strike, take a moment to enjoy the beautiful story that designer Sue Gallo has designed to accompany you…. “In accordance with the spirit of the time, the wedding of our newlyweds was carefully organized by their parents – Distant cousins with an ocean in the middle of the families. After several months of long-distance visits, our newlyweds exchanged letters, which quickly turned into devoted and affectionate notes.

Our bride spent many weeks marrying the heir to Willowbanks and starting a new life in her new country house. Our groom, having met his new bride through his many letters, knows that this is an appropriate and supportive game. His generous dowry will allow him to continue the restoration of his historic family estate and to give his new wife a comfortable and loving life.

He sees her for the initial time on their wedding day and admires her from afar, as he did through his letters. During their courtship, a sweet love blossomed and he thinks he has found in his new wife not only a more beautiful woman, but a strong, dedicated and loving partner to lead Willowbanks.”

Planner Amanda Cowley from Sweet Events tells us a little more about the fantastic setting of her strike, Willowbank itself: “Willowbank Manor is a national historic site of Canada, built in 1832, has in its exterior architecture and landscape the qualities of the romantic fusion of the classical revival and is considered one of the most beautiful examples Named after the magnificent pastures that once adorned its grounds, it is an elegant example of the rural areas of the wealthy Upper Canadian settlers of the early nineteenth century. From the moment we walked through the majestic front door, we felt that over time we were transported to a place where life was much easier, easier and certainly fabulous. We entered the day knowing that we had to live up to this majestic beauty.”

And a few more thoughts from Amanda about the strike itself…. “Our team was made up of 17 of Niagara’s most talented artists and designers. Sue’s dreams of infusing so many lush botanical details only snowballed so that each participating seller would provide an integral piece of our “love letters” puzzle. The day started with a cloudy sky that offered a perfectly gloomy light in our most manly moments, especially while our groom was receiving a shave and a beard cut. Halfway through, the clouds refused, so the heat sunlight streamed through the windows of the great dining room windows, casting a golden glow on all our fresh and feminine details. It is the juxtaposition of these masculine and feminine moments that, in our opinion, distinguishes this strike from much of the Inspiration that we see today, and drawing the bride’s attention to the groom was a decision that, in our opinion, was essential for the success of “Willowbank’s love letters”.”

I don’t know about you, but I am totally in love with every detail of this strike!…. I don’t even know where to start when it comes to thanking the wonderful vendors behind it all – that you will find them all listed below. As always, I have to especially thank Sue Gallo Designs for her Vision, Amanda Cowley for her life and Nataschia Wielink for capturing everything exquisitely.

To learn more about Sue’s fabulous creative Flair at work, take a look at this glamorous 1920s-inspired session and romantic floral beauty with pink accents, or visit her website at www.suegallodesigns.com .

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