Check Garden of England Romantic English Wedding Inspiration

Located on the grounds of Falconhurst, a 700-acre estate in the heart of the magnificent English countryside, today’s bride-inspired strike is rich in romance and heavenly flowers in the most beautiful shades of pale pink! It has the elegance of a timeless vintage wedding and the casual charm of a garden party, while the bride and groom add more than just a touch of bespoke contemporary whimsy…..

For a good introduction, here is Julie Michaelsen-photographer and Lady with the Vision-in a few words about the Inspiration behind this exquisite summer wedding photo strike….. “As an artistic wedding photographer, I spend a lot of time looking across the pond to my American colleagues, who seem to have the most awesome Californian light and breathtaking landscapes… this strike was born out of trying to get me out of a crisis to remind me of the beauty and serenity that reigns on my doorstep… Kent is called the garden of England, typically English, surrounded by peaceful landscaped gardens where life takes place at its own pace. The breathtaking landscapes are nothing else that you can find in the world… picturesque, but not cliché, honest and authentic.

I wanted to create a strike that took into account the beauty of our coasts. With the last sun of summer, just before autumn, I wanted to create something luxurious, authentic and dedicated. I wanted the style and the pair to be modern but classic and have a nod to the past days. The bride’s long sleeves and the almost Victorian high collar paired with the open back were exactly the kind of shot I was hoping for. The groom wears an elegant Custom Dark Sapphire suit paired with a tweed vest and a mismatched tie, a payment for an adorable English farmer while agreeing with current trends with his unshaven finish.”

Isn’t it simply divine?? I am so in love with this lush bouquet! And how elegant is the groom? This is really a romantic and extremely inspiring editorial…. it makes me more than a little homesick. Anyway, I can’t thank everyone involved behind the scenes enough, but especially Julie Michaelsen, who captured everything so well. If you like Julie’s fine art photography and would like to see more of her work, check out her website at Facebook instagram Facebook instagram Facebook instagram facebook instagram Facebook instagram and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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