See Wildflower Garden Wedding Inspiration at the Historic

Today’s strike tells the story of the beautiful Pierpont Inn and the Explosion of wildflowers in and around Ventura County. In a Palette of fresh flowers in shades of peony, dandelion, jadeite, cornflower, forget-me-not and Chartreuse, as well as metallic accents of Bronze and silver, vintage and modern design details mix in the most inspiring way….

I’ll let photographer Stephanie Ann talk about it…. “We wanted to use traditional elements and playful and refreshing ways. A mixture of old dishes, vintage brooches in unexpected places and unconventional seating in front of a traditional gazebo creates a feeling that is both familiar and rebellious.


The flowers have been designed with a view of a garden, many flowers and lush scents. Peonies, peas and spread cups with tons of garden roses to intoxicate the senses! The greens are local pepper and eucalyptus berries. For the texture, we used Queen Anne lace and St. John’s wort berries. These flowers whisper the history of the Pierpont Inn and all its splendor.

Our beautiful bride is wearing an exquisite lace dress paired with a modern braided bun and accented by a collection of antique brooches. Her makeup is fresh and modern, which makes the Vintage accents current and not cheesy. Our groom is wearing a heat gray suit with a sapphire shirt and a sapphire velvet tie that would feel right at home at yesterday’s Garden Party.


For our reception, the tables are decorated with jade plates, Vintage cutlery, brass and silver candle holders and lush and fragrant flowers. Peonies, sweet peas, spread cups, garden roses, Queen Anne’s lace and St. John’s wort berries.

The Vintage theme is also repeated in our beautiful cake, each step being alternately composed of pleated and red fondant and Vintage floral motifs separated by a golden ribbon with a golden Profile. The cake is placed on a table draped with Vintage reality checks, a retro bust and a Handwritten shield.”

Isn’t it beautiful? These Flowers…. * swoon * a big thank you to the wonderful creative team that came together to bring this wonderful editorial to life, and in particular to Stephanie Ann Photography, who captured everything so perfectly. If you want to see more of Stephanie’s work, check out their website and of course, find them and follow them on Instagram!

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