See Botanical Scandinavian Summer Wedding Inspiration

Today’s wedding inspiration strike is full of the most beautiful flowers (it’s really a botanical Bomb) and all in the most beautiful summer shades of summer yellow, red and Orange. While the simple details and the slightly industrial environment offer the perfect setting to really shine….

A few words from the extraordinary florist Ida von Butik Botanik about what inspired her and the creative team…. “We wanted to do a stylized strike with a different color theme than the one we often see. Something fresh, fun and bright! At the same time, we wanted it to feel effortless, just a simple environment and the colors speak for themselves.

For the table decoration, we wanted the flowers to be delicate but colorful and fun. We used a base of brass vases and pots, then we simply filled them with spring flowers such as French tulips, spirea, spread cups, various species of daffodils, etc., all in light shades of peach/yellow/orange. We also put a few lemons on the table to give it an extra touch of freshness. We wanted the same feeling in the bride’s bouquet.

We also did a “landscaping” with large flowering branches and all kinds of colorful flowers. We didn’t use Oases at all, but we had pots filled with wire mesh that we covered with moss and foliage. We wanted the couple to simply be enveloped by this forest of spring flowers. ☺️ “

Isn’t it beautiful?? All this yellow and Orange is just the epitome of the summer sun! A big thank you to the wonderful creative team that brought this beautiful Vision to life, and in particular to the photographer Emma Ivarsson who captured it so perfectly – and that I can share it with you here. If you like Emma’s fabulous photo style and want to see more of her work, stop by and check out this fabulous fall wedding inspiration photo strike (if you like the Scandinavian style of this photo strike, then you will definitely keep your head up for the details of your fall photo strike!) before going to their website below Facebook Instagram Instagram Instagram Facebook instagram Instagram Facebook Instagram Facebook Facebook and of course, make sure to find them and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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