Looks Out Retro Love Tropical Wedding Inspiration

It’s great to see how a little imagination can create a tropical paradise on a cleared piece of land in California! A touch of opulence and elegance, combined with a beautiful bohemian touch and a touch of tropical flowers, creates the idyllic scene for the perfect outdoor wedding inspiration for the summer. The piece of resistance is the funky Volkswagen pickup!

Here is an overview of the Design and style of the organizer Jania from Code Peach Events… “The inspiration for the design of this strike began with a VW pickup truck. With the truck, we wanted to create something that combines passion and glamour. Our Vision quickly evolved into a Retro-Bohemian atmosphere, hence the retro theme of love. We want to have a positive impact on a life every time we do a stylish strike. So we found a recently engaged couple. We thought that the open field would be an ideal opportunity to highlight the color palette for the strike, as well as our retro-bohemian wishes.

The Inspiration for Floral Design in Boho-was a opulence. We wanted to add a touch of opulence to the bohemian theme with lush flowers and golden leaves and incorporate the Pantone color of the year, coral. All Figure Eight Events flowers have been designed to be foam-free, which is a more sustainable way to create floral arrangements.

To get the retro color palette, we incorporated turquoise, mint and peach with coral and gold leaf. The large queen Protea, used in the bride’s bouquet, provided a lush bohemian accent for the bouquet. The moss-free flower wall in the back of the truck was filled with lush greenery and hints of golden leaves to bring an element of opulence back to our retro bohemian theme. As a special element, The lined Dried Palm Trees have been incorporated into the floral pattern on the top of the truck to adapt to the trend of dried flowers to conquer the world.


The wedding cake was topped with a fresh flower, arranged by the florist. The top row had a bright pink tint and edible square sequins. There was a gold content below this Level, and Maria used non-toxic gold and barley Bree to paint it. The intermediate level had a modern marble technique with colors such as coral, pinks and peach and white with a touch Of gold. The lower level is covered with a celestial sapphire/turquoise and decorated with a melting flower with ruffles, where Maria also used a marbled/torn technique. Overall, the design of the cake was retro-inspired with ruffles and a glamorous feel while maintaining a semi-modern look.

When choosing clothes, we wanted our models to stand out and highlight a little movement with the dress. We immediately knew that the dress we had chosen was special – it had Glamor and Bling! And the jeweled cape was such a beautiful accent for the dress. For our groom, we thought that something with a bold color would fit him perfectly and that Burgundy seemed to be a perfect match.

The elements of Tablescape include a table finished by Hola Moderna. We used a Vintage round table paired with our favorite delicate pink tufted chairs. The pops of color illuminate the table arrangements themselves with vintage glassware in lavender, turquoise and floral plates and golden cutlery.

How beautiful, isn’t it? Congratulations to all the awesome vendors and congratulations to the couple who just got engaged! What a fun way to celebrate! Check out more gorgeous works by Little Honey Photography on her Instagram and don’t forget to click on the Follow button as well.

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