Look Out Some Romantic Italian Wedding Inspiration

I love Jane Austen, and I mean The love that borders on passion! I have read their complete works at least 10 times (I reread them every year since I discovered them); I own all the adaptations, the Bbc ones from Pride & Prejudice being of course my favorites! And when I lived in the UK, I even visited their house. No really, I did it! His house in Chawton, Hampshire, is now a Jane Austen Museum and I dragged Mr E to the village fete once a year (I think he’s more than a little happy that we now live on the other side of the planet). With this all-consuming love for all things Austen, my heart almost stopped when I received an e-mail titled “vintage wedding Inspiration strike – Pride & Prejudice”. When I saw the pictures, I was in heaven! Instead of themed photo strikes with Mr. Darcy in pants instead worked a team of incredibly talented Italian wedding professionals on a truly inspiring strike that captures the romance and beauty of the long lost era……

With its dreamy Palette, its delicate flowers, its beautiful stationery and its superb Vintage wedding dress (from a store whose name is vaguely known), this inspiration session, taken in an incredible 300-year-old building in the magnificent Marche region of Italy, is full of pride and prejudice. Romance, is incredibly beautiful!

I’m going to let the beautiful Macaw, the graphic designer of this dream collaboration, guide her through her creation….. “We want to share with you this Vintage wedding inspiration session based on the theme of the novel Pride & Prejudice. We wanted to recreate the romantic but also passionate atmosphere of the novel, in which the female characters act with love for men and pride. The stationery is a mixture of letters, postcards and old images on Amalfi Paper wrapped with silk ribbon. The dress is an American vintage design, more than 60 years old. And the book we used is an English edition of the 1950 novel with an original husband-to-wife dedication for the 10th anniversary! (we were so excited when we found it!)”

Oh, just horny lovely…..it pride and prejudice I would like to read again! And how beautiful is the back of this dress?? Thank you to Ara, Cinzia and the entire creative team for imagining and bringing to life such a beautiful strike. and so that I can share it on chic Vintage brides! Tonight I’m probably dreaming of Darcy

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