Latest Glamorous Boho New York City Wedding Inspiration

Set in the Kinfolk 94 neighborhood and with the New York City skyline as a backdrop, today’s strike is full of spectacular details! From lush flowers that include a ceremonial background and a wall installation for the reception in rich and dark tones, to black wedding cakes, to the bride’s incredible crystal dress and headdress. Today’s editorial is a master class on how to add a little modern bohemian glamour to your timeless wedding….

Margaret from Margaret Rose Events was the creative director and planner of the strike, and she shared these words about the Inspiration behind it…. “Our goal was to create an annoying and grumpy atmosphere that also felt romantic and beautiful, similar to the neighborhood we filmed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Photographed by Forever Photography, a color palette of gray, emerald green and mauve with golden accents was used to capture a dark but idyllic atmosphere that is the epitome of New York.

I was very inspired by downtown New York, a neighborhood that is both eccentric and cool, but also glamorous. She wanted to capture a romantic and luxurious wedding, but with an avant-garde and cool aesthetic.

With its geodesic matter in a vaulted red cedar and its flat interior, Kinfolk 94 has created the perfect enclave for our moody love story. The awesome Botanist NYC team designed the flowers, including the framed floral installation that brought the white brick wall of the room to life. They absolutely tackled the theme and knocked it out of the park to make the flowers look old and fresh at the same time. They also made beautiful stain pen favors that smelled as good as they looked.

Ashley picks up Sugar Monster Sweets (and winner of TLC’s next Big Baker!) four-tiered golden eggplant cake designed with black accents. Ashley is a creative force who was able to deliver this cake within days of the birth of her initial child! What a rock star.

The delicate and feminine jewelry was provided by Everett NYC, a New York-based brand founded by Alexandra Cole Nelson. His pieces are simple and clear, dotted with complex and shiny stones. They provided just the right total of shine while preserving the effortless beauty we were looking for.”

Isn’t it beautiful?! I love flowers and that candlelight table is so awesome! A big thank you to the creative team listed below, who all contributed to making this Vision a reality, and in particular to
Forever photography to capture everything so perfectly. For more beautiful photos of Andrea and Jessica, visit their website Facebook Facebook facebook Instagram Facebook instagram Facebook instagram by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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