Ideas of Greenery Filled Rustic Vintage Wedding Inspiration

Today, with this report of such a romantic wedding in a textile factory at the starting of the century, we are taken to the Greek city of Syros – a much more magnificent place than it seems! Inspired by their location, the creative team transformed objects from the factory: bobbins, brooches, needles, textile books, sewing machines, fabrics and looms to create a beautiful effect. Bordered with green that complements the neutral color palette so perfectly that you can only be fascinated!

For a good introduction, here are a few words about this strike from the team….. “The threads, the fabrics, the lace were our basic elements. A set of embroidered stationery. Brown thread on cream cotton fabric. Garlands of white roses and eucalyptus leaves, elegantly draped over a wooden table, added the element of nature that the factory lacked. We have collected various old chairs. We created a long table with benches that we left intact to preserve the image of their aged and tired surfaces.

The porcelain dishes of the 40s, painted with oily paint and golden patterns, coincided with the green garland. The embroidery threads from the Dimitris collection, as well as the retro glasses and cutlery with golden details, made the table decor unique. Rose Loukoumia, a traditional Syros candy, with a powdered sugar lid, has been delicately placed in retro-polished glass bowls. The white candles added a heat touch to the space, while the classic bistro lights designed the environment like a fairy tale.

We chose a Yolan Cris wedding dress. A mix of different French laces sewn on an A-line, falling loosely and delicately to the floor. The bride’s bouquet was composed of different species of eucalyptus, as well as Astilbe or “false goat’s beard”, Lisianthus and roses in Loose Formation. The navy sapphire groom’s suit combined with a plaid vest and a Sapphire bow tie gave him the appearance of a noble gentleman.

The wedding cake also followed the colors of the room. White, Gold and Beige – with gray watercolor details. Against the background of the exposed fireclay bricks, their presence and strength prove the impossible possible.”

Isn’t it just beautiful?? I am so in love with the Muted Palette, and who would have thought that an old cotton factory could be such a perfect wedding venue?! A big and sincere thank you, as always, to all the wedding professionals and creatives who provided their Talent to create this Inspiration for you. But especially the photographer Sotiris Tsakanikas, who captured everything so perfectly. If you like his photographic art and would like to see more of Sotiris’ work, check out his website Facebook Facebook Instagram instagram instagram instagram Instagram facebook Facebook and Pinkler and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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