Check Summer Garden Wedding Inspiration Pops of Orange

Today’s wedding inspiration strike has it all!! A beautiful bride in such a boho floral headdress-delicious, a table that puts sweetness in darling, a Palette dotted with spicy oranges that make it perfect for these last summer days, and not one, but three delicious and glorious cakes – I am absolutely passionate about the square!

Please greet the Lady behind the lens of these photos, the beautiful Sierra from Ceecee Photo * Design, who is here to present her magnificent bohemian Vision…..

“My design inspiration for this strike came from the fake flowers. I dreamed of a floral headdress with a certain height. I wanted things to be nervous but charming. Bohemian, but also elegant. The result was an elegant bridal photo strike in a bohemian-Fine-Art style with Vintage elements mixed with modern touches.

For our color palette, we mixed delicate summer pink pastels with orange marigolds for a touch of modern dynamism.

Our bride wore a plain white dress decorated with a lace overlay and complemented by a bow on the back.

The Sweet Heart table incorporated a vintage decor with golden accents, an elaborate floral centerpiece in the middle of freshly cut peaches and oranges. Personalized and numbered place markers by hand, written on red-tinted sea glass cups. “

Don’t you just love him?? This square cake is so simple but so awesome! A big thank you to the wonderful creative team that brought this beautiful Vision to life, and in particular to the photographer from Sierra Ceecee Foto * Design who captured it so perfectly – and that I can share it with you here. If you like Sierra’s style of photography and want to see more of her work, stop by and take a look at her website at Facebook Instagram. facebook Instagram Instagram Facebook facebook Instagram Instagram and Instagram are the best ways to find her and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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