Check Out Fall Desert Elopement Inspiration

Today’s strikeing is rich in the most beautiful flowers with rich autumn colors that appear in front of the spectacular desert landscape. Taken in Enchanted Rock, a gem just outside Austin, the creative team mixed vintage details with a bohemian and rustic charm to combine this truly inspiring editorial…..

Photographer Christine Pegany from Wild Love Photography informed these words about the strikeing and that everything had come together….”It started, like any engagement, with a ring and a ring box. Finding the perfect ring for a perfect girl is a difficult task, but the unique Cognac ring is different but beautiful and all the more perfect when presented in a glass ring box. If you are looking for a great adventure to show how great your love is, an elopement is the obvious choice.

The place is the most important part of any escape – find the place that reflects your personality and your sense of adventure. It must be perfect for your special day and sometimes this place is not as far from home as you think. Just outside of Austin you will find the beautiful Enchanted Rock, the hidden gem you would never expect. It is carved with beautiful orange rocks and a breathtaking view of the hills that surround it.

The bright colors of the landscape inspired the use in detail of the beautiful cognac-colored leather. It can be found in little things like glasses, shoulder straps, luggage tags, but maybe the perfect way to make it a part of your day was hiking boots that match your sense of adventure and your willingness to climb up to your waist. The dress with beautiful lace details and a beautiful band was perfect for the bride, and a fun brown suit with a big hat was perfect for the groom.

The beautiful flowers complemented the landscape perfectly and made the bride even more gorgeous without overloading her – it was the perfect bit of color needed. The bright shades of Orange and pink make this summer escape unique. It also comes with cakes that were almost too good to eat filled with a bouquet of flowers.

All the details come together to paint a picture of love and beauty. What superior way to share your new union with your friends and family by sending an announcement with hand-drawn flowers and awesome scripts with just a touch of leather before starting your next adventure with your personalized luggage tags and passport pouches to store your tickets for the future.”

Isn’t it fabulous?? The desert is a beautiful setting and I love the colors! A big thank you to all the wonderful wedding professionals and creatives who came together to create this Vision of autumn beauty, but especially to Christine from Wild Love Photography, who captured everything so beautifully. If you like Christine’s work and would like to see more, visit her website at Facebook Instagram Instagram Instagram Facebook Instagram Facebook Facebook Facebook instagram Facebook instagram and don’t forget to find him and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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