Check Ethereal Vintage Bridal Portraits in Elegant Neutrals

I have such a beautiful bridal inspiration session that I want to share with you today. Shot at the Kurt Boomer Workshop at Sunstone drinkry, with the most exquisite Vintage Gossamer dress, it was filmed by the sophisticated eye of Rachel Solomon. Full of soft light and elegant neutral colors, it is full of romance….. All I know is that you’re going to love it!

Before we get lost in all the beauty, a few words from the photographer Rachel Solomon“ “this strike was inspired by the Vintage elements of the delicate dress and the elegant simplicity of the Sunstone villa. A study of a musician in her practice that gives the viewer a feeling of emotion and devoted beauty. Deeper reds and plums complement the lighter Sapphire and pink, while the soft light from the filmed window creates a look full of depth and Dimension.”

*Weak*….. isn’t that just heavenly?? A big thank you to Rachel Solomon for such a beautiful strike and, of course, to all the wonderfully talented wedding professionals (see below) who attended the workshop. If Rachel’s fine art photography makes your heart skip a overcome, as it did for me, be sure to visit her website facebook Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to stay up to date with everything she does. Oh, and keep an eye out for Vintage chic brides, because hopefully this will be the initial of many posts about Rachel’s work!

Before you go, if you liked it and are looking for a more romantic modern vintage wedding inspiration, take a look at this watercolor bridal photo strike, this heavenly beach wedding inspiration or something more seasonal, this charming runaway from Venice that couldn’t be more perfect for Valentine’s Day. By the way, did you see the Valentine’s Day DIY that I shared on Wednesday? Delicious!

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